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How A-Boat It?

As Winter begins its slow crawl to Spring, you find your thoughts drifting into daydreams of all the fun things you can’t wait to do when the weather is warm. Images of exploring, hunting, fishing and more come to mind- and naturally these common activities have their drawbacks. Imagine you’re exploring and come to a dead end at a lake or pond, blocking you from continuing your adventure. Let’s say you’re duck hunting and you can’t find a good angle, or you can’t bring your hunting dog with you on that trip. What about when you go fishing? If you’re one of the many people who do not have a boat or a friend with a boat, you’re typically limited to fishing from the shore, or off a bridge. For those of you who do have a boat, you find yourself with the dilemma of lack of space due to storing the boat, as well as needing a vehicle to tow the boat and a smaller number of areas that you can take the boat to for fishing.

Enter GoBoat. We are a boat manufacturing and sales company ready to solve these problems and provide customers with a fun and exciting experience. GoBoat’s first product is an inflatable boat that is both lightweight and compact, weighing less than 50 lbs including the battery and can fit in a closet or the backseat of a sedan with ease. Our latest design is even more lightweight and compact, weighing at about 37 lbs and can fit in a backpack. It can be customized with storage nets, mounts for cup holders and fishing rods, and a place to strap a cooler; this, combined with the GoBoat’s unique lightweight compact design, makes it extremely versatile. Our goal is to get people out on the water often and with ease, but we also want everyone to be safe! So, GoBoat is equipped with two safety features to ensure that each user is as safe as possible. First, there is a motor cut off switch attached to an ankle lanyard to prevent the chance of injury to the driver or anyone else on the water. If the driver were to fall off, the cord would detach and turn off the motor. The other feature is our inflatable seat, if the main body were to be compromised and fail in any way, the seat can be used as a flotation device. 

Now, what about those pesky issues we listed before? Can’t get a good angle when hunting or can’t bring your hunting dog? GoBoat’s easy maneuverability can help you reach areas with better angles for your hunting, and allows you to retrieve your catches with ease in the event you can’t bring your hunting dog. GoBoat also has a remarkably quiet motor, making it stealthy and unlikely to scare off your prey. 

GoBoat is a real catch for fishers as well. Quiet so it doesn’t scare off the fish. Compact so it’s much easier to store and transport than a 2,000+ lbs boat. Cost efficient, (on average, boats cost $50,000-$80,000) making it more accessible to everyone, increasing the number of places that you can fish. No more being stuck on the shore or a bridge to fish, now you can fish anywhere you would like to go! GoBoat’s compact design also makes it easy to store in an overhead compartment on a plane, so you can bring it with you when you travel! 

What about those days you just want to explore or hang out on the lake? GoBoat enhances those adventures too! Remember that dead end? Instead of turning around and going back, you can whip out the GoBoat and continue your exploration across the water and check out the other side! Hiking in the mountains and you see a beautiful shot you could get of the mountains from the lake? Pull your GoBoat back out and maneuver out there with ease to get that winning shot! Just having a fun, relaxing day on the lake with your family? GoBoat also makes for a fun bumper boat! We have a smaller, less embellished design that is easy to maneuver, making it a great way for kids to join the fun! And for those who want to relax on the lake while the kids play, we have new designs coming soon for inflatable docks as well. These inflatable docks will have cushions on 2 sides for up to 8 people to lounge, and the option to dock up to two GoBoats on opposite sides of the dock. This creates a unique and fun hangout spot on the water for your friends and family! Don’t like where you are on the water? The GoBoat can tow the dock, making it easy to relocate and continue the fun! You can even detach the GoBoat seat to use as a comfy beach chair! 

So water you waiting for! Get your GoBoat now and let the adventures begin!

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