GoBoat: The boat that makes everyone boat people

GoBoat: The boat that makes everyone boat people

Are you a boat person?

Do you have a trailer that handles like an unhappy walrus to tow your boat? A storage unit to stash your boat? An unlimited gas card to fuel your boat?

No? No to all?

With GoBoat, we’re all boat people.

It folds into the trunk of your sedan, the electric motor gets drowned out by songbirds, and it handles like a spry minnow. It weighs less than a small child, and costs less than their braces.

GoBoat combines the convenience of an inflatable stand-up paddle board, freedom of a kayak, and ease of a motorboat – a personal watercraft that’s truly personal.

Do you want to explore miles of back channels, seeking solitude and scenery? Are you searching for a new fishing hole that was out of reach from your usual fishing pier? Or do you want an activity that the whole family can enjoy during a weekend camping at the lake?

You’re a boat person, and GoBoat is the boat for you.

It’s the perfect balance between a motorboat and a SUP, with the freedom of a kayak and uncanny maneuverability. The motor’s 30 lbs of thrust lets you dart across the water while still being able to explore areas closed to higher-powered boats. The drop-stitched inflatable body has the rigidity of a hard-sided boat and durability of a rapid-worthy raft, all while weighing about 37 lbs and fitting into a large backpack when deflated. A foot pump makes inflation a breeze.

GoBoat’s different models cater to your use, and each are the perfect companion for camping or day trips. The child model offers kids the independence of their own watercraft while still providing safety and stability. It’s perfect for playing bumper boats or for nurturing an adventurous spirit. With a 55” diameter deck, it’s the smallest model of GoBoat and packs down even more easily for travel or storage.

Our adult recreation model is perfect for parents exploring with their family, or those looking to explore waterways at a leisurely pace. It includes storage nets for gear, from coolers to photography equipment to extra clothes for changing weather. Accessory rails can mount smaller gear like cupholders or fishing rods. It’s perfect for motoring along when needed, then enjoying a relaxing, secluded float.

GoBoat’s most robust model is built for fishing and hunting. The quiet electric motor allows you to get away from shore, reducing a duck hunter’s reliance on dogs and blinds. You can reach areas inaccessible from shore, and storage areas can hold decoys, fishing rods, tackle, or firearms.

Above all, GoBoat is safe. The detachable seat can be used as an emergency flotation device. Three total inflation chambers exceed safety requirements for most states. An ankle lanyard attaches to a motor cutoff switch, ensuring that the boat turns off if its driver falls off.

If you’re looking to try new activities like scuba diving, or are looking to island hop at a different pace, GoBoat is your tool for aquatic exploration. If you’re looking to relax on shore, the seat can be used for hanging out on the beach.

This is not a pool toy. GoBoat is designed for open waters, for mountain lakes and coastal coves, for river sloughs and rocky shorelines. Its round design puts a new spin on the phrase “it handles like a boat.” The trolling motor is easily removed or reinstalled, and an aluminum housing can hold two batteries for hours of motor use. GoBoat accessories like a dock and party hangout will be able to accommodate crews of up to 20 people.

Are you looking for affordability? Are you looking for convenience and ease of use? Are you looking for fun and freedom?

You’re a GoBoat person.