GoBoat: Fish more, fish farther, and fish faster

GoBoat: Fish more, fish farther, and fish faster

You see a fish rise. You maneuver, quietly, into place nearby. The perfect cast drops in where you wanted, and you begin a subtle dance to entice the fish.

We’ve all been there, but we’ve also not been there. Sometimes that perfect spot is just out of reach, no matter how well you can fire your line into the wind.

GoBoat combines the convenience of an inflatable paddleboard, the stealth and freedom of a kayak, and the ease and coverage of a motorboat. It’s the perfect tool for a day on the water when you’re chasing what’s in the water.

You may not have heard of GoBoat. We’re new, and we’re rolling out new products. We want to change the way people fish. You don’t need a 6 trillion horsepower outrigger engine to cruise your favorite stretch of water. We prefer stealth over style, maneuverability over manpower, and packability over power.

Our inflatable drop-stitched design is as rigid as a hard-sided boat, while still packing down small enough to fit into a large backpack. Our trolling motor is removable if needed, and easily reinstalls. A two-battery setup provides hours of power in a compact aluminum housing.

We want to get you on the water quickly, easily, and often.

Ample on-deck storage has room for necessities like tackle and near-necessities like a cooler. A rail can hold several fishing rods and accessories like cupholders. As you’re reeling in a catch, the round deck allows you to easily pivot. Whether you prefer a spinning rod or fly rod, and lures, bait, or flies, the turn-on-a-dime capability of GoBoat is perfect for targeting your cast.

Do you need to creep through a wooded backwater slough in search of trophy bass? Or are you patrolling the cold shores of a mountain lake, searching for cruising schools of trout? Perhaps you’re ready to get off the pier and search for new saltwater species?

Pull up to a boat launch and get a GoBoat from your trunk, inflate the boat with our provided foot pump, and you’re into the water in minutes. Don’t waste a moment of precious early-morning light backing a trailer down a boat ramp or fighting with a kayak’s roof rack. When your day is done, GoBoat packs right back down and can be stored in a closet at home.

Perhaps you want to push boundaries? At 37 pounds, GoBoat weighs about the same as many fully-outfitted backpacking packs, opening up backcountry hikes to remote waters. It’s a great camping companion, ready for adventure. And if you’re ready to take a break in the mid-day sun, GoBoat is great for a float along a mellow lakeshore. The detachable seat is perfect for a sandbar hangout spot.

Safety doesn’t take a backseat to exploration. GoBoat’s three separate inflatable chambers exceed most states’ safety standards, an automatic shutoff key connects to an ankle lanyard, and the round, rigid deck is stable and secure.

Searching for Arctic Grayling or native Cutthroat Trout in the mountains of Wyoming? GoBoat is perfect for lakes limited to no-wake watercraft. Casting for Redfish in the coastal lagoons of South Carolina? GoBoat can navigate nooks with ease. Or are you scouting a new channel on the upper Mississippi River? GoBoat has the juice for miles of travel.

GoBoat is also a perfect complement to other outdoor pursuits like hunting. It can help hunters cross waters while chasing big game. It helps duck hunters retrieve animals and reduces dependence on blinds. It can pack in supplies and pack out harvested animals.

The inflatable deck can be a home base for spearfishing and diving, helping divers reach terrain far from traditional access points. It’s visible, better than any buoy for displaying a diving flag.

GoBoat is rigid and flexible. It’s the best kind of contradiction; a boat that’s easy to maintain and store, a motor that’s quiet, an inflatable that’s durable. Use GoBoat to go fish.