GoBoat: The perfect camping companion

GoBoat: The perfect camping companion

Camping as a family can be one of the most rewarding, bonding experiences that bring siblings and parents closer together.

GoBoat is your affordable solution to put a new spin on a family tradition. Want to play bumper boats and blow off some steam? Our inflatable, drop-stitch technology is stable, safe, durable, and most of all, fun! Looking for a relaxing cruise to escape the buzz of a crowded campground? Our electric motors are easily drowned out by songbirds.

Give the kids a chance to work out their competitive spirit; GoBoat is perfect for whirling through a buoyed race track course. This is the most lightweight, packable powered boat on the seven seas – including your lake life camp spot.

Camping has never been more popular, whether in a two-bedroom motorhome, pull-behind pop-up camper, or tent. Sites are often booked months in advance, and spots on the water are at a premium. Make the most of your days outdoors.

The drop-stitch design has the rigidity of a hard-sided kayak. The dual-chamber chair creates a dry seat with easy access to controlling the boat’s motor, and the chair is removable for relaxing at your secret lakeshore spot. The round surface is rigid enough to stand on like a paddleboard.

GoBoat’s battery power source provides hours of fun. Its low-drag design sits almost completely on top of the water, reducing drag and maximizing battery life on long camp trips. An aluminum housing creates stable, protective battery storage.

Even more than being fun, GoBoat is safe. The round design is stable and accessible. Three individual air chambers exceed most states’ safety requirements and an ankle lanyard connects to an auto-shutoff that ensures GoBoat powers down if anyone falls off.

Kid’s models have a 55” diameter, slimming down from our 70” diameter for adult boats. GoBoat’s packability is superior to kayaks, canoes, and SUPs. GoBoat fits into the trunk of a car, closet of an RV, or even into a large backpack – no tie downs and specialty racks required. Four sewn-in carry straps make getting GoBoat into the water a breeze, and our provided foot pump inflates the boat in only minutes.

Or maybe you’re ready for a totally new camping experience? Load up your GoBoat fleet with the family tent, sleeping gear, and food, and discover the world of sandbar camping. There’s nothing like having your own slice of waterfront real estate, even if it’s just for the night.

GoBoat is also small enough to pack down into a raft or canoe, giving you an extra watercraft and more independence. Add side trips to your raft trip.

If members of your camp trip prefer to float rather than boat, coming accessories will be perfect. A GoBoat dock can accommodate up to eight people, with cushioned sides and ports for two GoBoats.

The coming GoBoat hangout can accommodate up to 20 people, creating a giant donut of fun about a single GoBoat – a party barge worthy of its own country song. Find multiple ways to get your friends and family on the water!

There is one last hard truth of camping; it can be a hassle. You have to pack gear up, unload it, set it up, keep it clean, and then repeat the process again. The last thing that you need is a boat that adds stress and hassle. GoBoat is the lowest maintenance, easiest set-up-and-tear-down powered boat on the planet.

Find new ways to enjoy your favorite spots. Go boat with GoBoat!