worlds most portable boat

Round for a reason

Unlike streamlined kayaks, canoes and paddleboards which are notoriously tippy, GoBoat, because it is round, is extremely stable, virtually untippable and can take waves from any direction. Plus, with GoBoat, you get far more usable surface area meaning you can literally go/reach anywhere on the boat without risk of capsizing.


INFLATABLE | Rugged, multi-layer, drop stitch craft inflates quickly and gets very rigid.

PACKABLE | Packs into a backpack and fits into even the smallest trunk.

STABLE | GoBoat’s round design makes it virtually untippable and easy to board, offboard.

POWERED | Includes a 35-pound thrust, 5-speed electric motor, max speed 5 mph.

5 Min SETUP | Simply inflate, slide in motor mount, affix motor, battery & attach seat.

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