GoBoat: Turning the daily grind into an escape

GoBoat: Turning the daily grind into an escape

You hop out the door, coffee in one hand, laptop bag in another, already answering emails in your head, and hop into your... boat?

Whether for commuting or recreation, GoBoat is the perfect motorized watercraft for urban waters. It folds down into a closet for storage, can be launched from almost any access point, and, and navigates urban docking areas with ease.

GoBoat’s inflatable design is portable and nimble, while still offering rigid performance and safety. A trolling motor provides turn-on-dime propulsion. It combines the best of a paddleboard, kayak, and powered boat.

Your city doesn’t need to be Venice for GoBoat to be a great tool for getting around. It’s perfect for navigating spaces like the 56-mile Buffalo Bayou in Houston, where environmental restoration meets urban living, and boaters can floatit from apartment buildings to major employers to quiet parks .

Lake Erie in Cleveland? Check. The Potomac River in Washington D.C.? Check. Orlando’s inland lakes? Check. Minneapolis’ share of the land of 10,000 lakes? Check. People have built their lives around waterways for centuries; GoBoat can help you make the most of these urban resources.

Getting out doesn’t have to mean getting out of town. Explore the city from a new view, whether it’s docking at waterside restaurants or picnicking in a park. Do you only have a few hours to cruise? Hit a nearby river or lake and have plenty of time for the rest of your day.

Or are you sick of sitting snarled in morning traffic? Turn your commute into something you actually look forward to. GoBoat’s storage tie down can hold briefcases or coolers. If you can’t safely tie a boat down where you get off the water, GoBoat packs into a large backpack when deflated that can even be stashed under a desk.

GoBoat’s included trolling motor is powerful enough to cruise with 35 pounds of thrust, and can be detached and reinstalled for easy maintenance. Combined with the boat’s round design, it’s easily maneuverable, perfect for navigating docking areas or urban channels. A foot pump makes inflation quick and easy.

The drop-stitch construction of the inflatable body is durable and as rigid as a hard-sided boat. Three separate inflatable chambers exceed most states’ safety requirements, and an automatic shutoff key connects to an ankle lanyard. The removable seat is perfect for a relaxing stop at a city park or a dockside hangout at a friend’s lake house.

Do you want to celebrate with friends on the water? Coming GoBoat accessories can create a dock that can hold 8 people, and a donut-shaped party barge that can host up to 20 people. If you prefer to escape crowds, GoBoat is the fastest way to trade crowded sidewalks for a serene, slow-it-down cruise on the water.

Three separate styles cater to your needs. A slimmed-down kids boat helps get the whole family on the water, an adult-sized recreational model is great for cruising, and a more robust model has extra storage and options that are optimized for fishing.

Will GoBoat transform your city into Venice? Nope. But it can make the everyday grind feel a little more like vacation.