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GoBoat: The new way to get on the water

You’re finally getting a boat.

After years of debating and researching, you’re ready to pull the trigger. The reasons for wanting a boat have been there for years; enjoying sunny afternoons leisurely cruising across the local lake, the freedom of cutting your own path on the water, and the solitude of having only fish and songbirds for company.

But what type of boat, exactly, are you after?

You aren’t ready to take out a second mortgage, nor do you want to spend more time taking care of a boat than using it. You aren’t looking for constant trips to a marina, and you’re done with hours of rowing on a kayak or paddleboard. You prefer serenity to a roaring motor – lake life without the hassle.

What you’re looking for is GoBoat, the new, inflatable, electric-powered boat for your favorite waters. It combines the best of a power boat and a stand-up paddleboard – a personal watercraft that’s truly personal.

There’s no need to buy a storage locker, unless you want to store 100 GoBoats; a single 37-pound inflatable model fits into a closet, a sedan trunk, or even a large backpack. Maintenance is minimal and cleaning is easy. And GoBoat is affordable; there’s no dealing with years of payments and interest.

GoBoat moves almost silently across the water, with only the electric trolling motor purring along. You won’t be towing any water skiers, but with 30 lbs of thrust, the motor can also go places that larger boats can’t maneuver into or aren’t allowed.

A pair of storage tie downs can hold coolers, photo gear, towels and sunscreen, virtually anything that you would carry on to the beach for a day of relaxation. Side rails can hold cup holder attachments or fishing rods. GoBoat is a perfect camping companion.

With GoBoat, you aren’t just on the water, you’re part of it. The stable, round design keeps you sitting just above the water, offering an immersive boating experience that you can’t get in larger craft.

But unlike a SUP or kayak, GoBoat’s electric motor provides hours of propulsion. The trolling design can turn the boat on a dime, letting boaters navigate tight quarters. If you need to squeeze past obstacles, the round design rolls around bumps and the durable exterior can take its dings. It’s perfect for navigating undulating shorelines and narrow back channels.

GoBoat’s three separate inflatable chambers exceed most states’ safety requirements and inflate quickly with our provided foot pump. An automatic shutoff key connects to an ankle lanyard. The round deck is stable, and the drop-stitch design is durable and rigid. The built-in seat lets boaters relax and stretch out, and can be removed to use as a beach chair. The deck is still rigid enough to stand on.

GoBoat lets you find your perfect spot on the water, from island hopping to floating the local river. It’s the perfect camping complement. Whether you boat for leisure, adventure, diving, fishing, or just because, GoBoat meets your needs.

If you want a boat, skip the finally. GoBoat is the boat that you can afford now, store now, and use now. Go boat.

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