GoBoat The Most Portable Watercraft

Imagine driving to the lake. You park in a standard parking spot, open up the hatchback and pull out your boat.

Within minutes you snap it together, pump it up with air and carry it to the water’s edge. The GoBoat is a portable boat that offers a brand new way to get on the water. There’s no need to mess with a trailer or boat landing to launch your boat.

Just add a trolling motor, and you can take the GoBoat to places a larger vessel could only dream of going. With a draft of just inches, the GoBoat navigates shallow and narrow waterways with ease. Its nimble design allows outdoorsman to take the boat exactly where they want to be on the water.

It’s perfect for fishing, hunting or just relaxing. For more light-hearted fun, the GoBoat doubles as a crowd-pleasing bumper boat. The kids love it.

The GoBoat is a game changer because it’s so portable and so simple to operate. We're excited to make a great day of boating affordable for everyone.”