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Product Specifications

What is the GoBoat 2.0 made of?

The GoBoat 2.0 is made from our Aircore composite drop-stitch material. It is extremely rigid, tough, and lightweight.

What type of motor does the 2.0 come with?

The 2.0 comes with a saltwater-ready 35 lbs thrust trolling motor with 5 speeds forward and 3 reverse.

How much does the GoBoat 2.0 weigh?

The boat itself weighs 57 lbs, and fully loaded with the motor and batteries, it is around 79 lbs.



How fast does a GoBoat go?

The GoBoat can go a brisk 5 miles per hour.

How much weight is the GoBoat 2.0 rated for?

It can support up to a 300 lbs person, but the boat itself is rated to hold 600 lbs.


Usage and Environment

Can the GoBoat 2.0 be used in saltwater?

Yes, it was made specifically to be used in any environment, including saltwater.

Does my GoBoat need to be registered?

Since the GoBoat is a motorized watercraft, it may need to be registered in your state. You will need to check your local boating regulations if you plan on using it on a lake or other state body of water. All the appropriate paperwork is included in your packet shipped with the GoBoat.


Safety and Durability

Is the GoBoat 2.0 safe?

Yes, it is very safe. The round construction makes it extremely stable and easy to stand on. In the case of a failure and it loses air, both the body and the seat will float. Always wear an appropriate life preserver for your safety.

Is it safe for the battery to get wet?

Yes, water won't harm a 12V battery or cause electrocution. The battery does, however, need to be a sealed battery to prevent water from getting inside it.

Is the boat puncture-resistant?

The GoBoat tube is made of very dense PVC construction. While it is an inflatable, it's not puncture-proof, but punctures are very rare. In case of a puncture, a patch kit is provided with every GoBoat.


Battery Information

What type of battery do I need for my GoBoat 2.0?

Any 12V Group U1 sealed battery can be used with the GoBoat 2.0. Any lithium, lead acid, AGM, or gel cell will work. The GoBoat is made to hold 2 batteries at once for a guaranteed full day of fun on the water.

Does the GoBoat 2.0 come with a battery?

Yes, it comes with a 30Ah battery and a 5Ah charger within the US 48 contiguous states. We cannot ship batteries outside of the US.

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