Frequently Asked Questions

What type of trolling motor should I use?
A transom mount trolling motor with 30lbs to 55lbs thrust and 24 – 36 inch shaft. When purchasing a trolling motor you will need to do a transom to bow mount conversion. This is easily done by removing the screw below the motor controller and rotating the controller 180 degrees on the shaft then replacing the screw.

What type of battery do I need?
Any 12V Group 27 or u1 battery.

Why doesn't GoBoat come with a motor?
With so many choices of trolling motors and sizes it makes more sense for the user to choose the size that suits their needs. A smaller motor will draw less power allowing you to stay on the water longer, where as a larger motor allows you to go faster on the water.

Why doesn't GoBoat come with a battery?
For the simple reason batteries are heavy and expensive to ship and are readily available at any auto parts store, automotive section at your local big box store and many others.

Is it safe for the battery to get wet?
Yes, water won't harm a 12V battery or cause electrocution.

How much weight is the GoBoat rated for?
Up to 300lbs

How much does the GoBoat weigh?
It weigh's 47 lbs without motor and battery.

Why is there water in the foot well of my boat?
The tube doesn't seal to the body of the boat a small amount of water will be in the footwell. To help reduce this, tighten the straps snuggly and wear an appropriate water shoe.

Is the GoBoat safe?
Yes it is very safe, in the case of a tube failure and it looses air, the body will float. Always wear an appropriate life preserver for your safety.

Is the tube puncture resistant?
The GoBoat tube is made of a 1 Mil thick PVC tube. While it is a thick tube it is not puncture proof. In case of a puncture a provided patch kit comes with every GoBoat. If you lose the patch kit, we can provide you with another or you can use an appropriate patch kit normally used for inflatable kayaks.

Does my GoBoat need to be registered?
Since the GoBoat is a motorized watercraft it may need to be registered in your state. You will need to check your local boating regulations if you plan on using it on a lake or other state body of water. All the appropriate paperwork is with your packet shipped with the GoBoat..